Chair - Darby Montgomery            339-3922

V Chair - Gilbert Edgington            339-3980

Secretary - Tracey Edgington         339-4435

Treasurer - LaShonna Grow           339-6110



Mark Ballard                                     806-4060

Steve Ballard                                     227-9727

Linda Crace                                       339-2221

Anthony Davis                                  326-0568

Billy C Doolin                                    576-9806

​Wilma Floyd                                      339-3090

LaShonna Grow                                339-6110

Troy Grow                                          339-3586

Gene Hampton                                 339-3587

Shon Hampton                                 339-2442

Bradley Hopkins                               339-4016

Donna Hopkins                                339-3348

Buddy Hulett                                    339-1095

Jeannie Gayle Hurst                        229-8656

Kim Middleton                                 304-3183

Christen Roseberry                          339-3900

Wanda Shelton                                 339-2252

Dee Cotton

Daniel Edgington                             339-1709



Buddy & Betty Arnold                     792-6417

Paul Ballard                                      548-3471

Terry Shell Brown                            339-1741 




Jamie Handley                                  519-8272 

Christy Hensley                                339-4877

Dana Hensley                                   339-8596


Daryl Morris                                      661-3402

Randa Morris                                    358-1620

Danna Sparks                                   339-3969

Josh Sparks                                        339-6280

Kathy Tuggle                                     227-4528

Shane Young                           606--510-3417  Sherry Young                                    339-9334



Eric Comley                                       509-6606

Chris Davis                                        326-1011

Jay Hettmansperger                 606-224-3804

Mary Hixson                                      339-3293

Jonathon Shell                                  339-1982

Chris Whitworth                               339-8366

The Garrard County Fair began in 1988 at the present Pleasant Retreat Plaza south of Lancaster.


In 1993 with the help of the Board of Directors, Board Members, Board Volunteers and numerous individuals we purchased land in Northern Garrard County.


We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting agriculture and good old fashion family values.


We are member of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows. We plan and conduct  or fair and agricultural events according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations for the use of state funds.


We have 23 Directors, 21 Members, 3 Lifetime Members, 1 Honorary Member, 6 Advisors and numerous volunteers.


We are proud of our grounds and what we have accomplished over the last 4 years with the help of a $100,000.00 grant. 


We strive to have the best fair in June and we offer other events the year.


We would like to invite you and your family to join us for good family fun, entertainment and food.


We thank and appreciate the community and all our sponsors who help make our fair and other events successful.